Selling Your Life Insurance Policy Is An Alternative To Lapse Or Surrender

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Many seniors don’t even know that they can sell their life insurance policy. Many Advisors and Agents may not know either and have had no alternative solution to offer when a policy owner is considering terminating their life insurance.

You May Want to Sell or Exchange Your Life Insurance Policy if ...

Premium Payments are Increasing and No Longer Affordible

Coverage is No Longer Needed for Estate and Family Protection

A Term Policy May Be Ending or a Conversion Option May Be Expiring

Funds are Needed for Current Medical Expenses and Long Term Care

Instead of walking away with next to nothing, you can sell your life insurance policy for up to 10x more and convert the value into a benefit today or one for the future.  You can choose to receive either one or a combination of different offers to fit your needs which may have changed since you first purchased your policy.

Annuity Exchange

Exchange a cash outflow for a fixed income inflow by exchanging your policy for a lifetime annuity.

Retained Benefit

Keep a portion of your policy for your beneficiaries with no further premium payments.

Long Term Care Benefit

Convert your policy into a long term care benefit plan that pays for your care monthly.

Cash Settlement

Receive a lump sum cash amount for anything you need or might want in the future.

How to Sell Your Life Insurance Policy

Making a choice to sell your life insurance policy may be an important part of your retirement planning. Evaluating your expenses and cash flow carefully to maximize your income in retirement can add years of comfort in your golden years.

Contact Us

We will start the valuation process by asking you for some basic information about your life insurance policy and your health.

Evaluate Your Policy

Your offer is calculated and presented. We provide multiple options so you can choose the best one for you.

Get Paid

The ownership on the policy is transferred and funds are release from escrow to you.

Get Your Free Estimate:

When you sell your policy to a life settlement company, the purchaser will gather information about your life insurance and the insured’s current health status to determine the policy’s value. The offer to the policy owner may come in multiple forms including a cash amount or a retained benefit. Should you accept the purchaser’s offer, your file will move to the contracting, or closing phase where the ownership of the policy changes to the buyer and funds release from and an escrow account to the policy seller.

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