Direct Advantage

Direct Advantage

Selling your insurance policy DIRECTLY can give you 43% more value on average.

Previously the only way to sell your life insurance was through a life settlement broker who is commission based. Now it has all changed; with the emergence of direct to consumer buyers. Commission based intermediaries are no longer needed. Today policy owners can receive 100% of the value of their life insurance in the secondary market by working directly with purchasers as opposed to only 70% of the value paid by working through a commissioned agent or broker.

Speed of Transaction

In addition to preserving 100% of the value the policy owner receives when they sell or exchange their policy the direct life settlement offers a much quicker process and payout.  By avoiding multiple degrees of separation, a direct purchaser can underwrite, offer and complete a transaction 40% faster on average.

Keep 100% of the value of your policy and get it faster with a direct life settlement

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